Top 15 Courier Companies for E-Commerce Business in India

As we know E-Commerce Business fast on the rise and courier service providers have also seen a sudden increase in their numbers of delivery. The Biggest part of E-Commerce Business is Delivering the parcels on time and this feature becomes E-Commerce business great and positive value from their customers.  

Every E-Commerce Website’s main objective is a fast product delivery service on time with reasonable rates to the customer. However, there are so many companies but it is hard to pick that one company who provide reasonable, fast, as well as covers the highest success rate. 

Currently, India is the main hotspot for E-commerce business. with websites like Amazon, Flipkart, jabong, myntra and snapDeal gaining every day and Indian users recognition with positive success rate, and very soon E-Commerce websites take over online retail in India. upcoming days E-commerce business will gain such as widespread in India.  

Here is a list of some of the best courier services in India that will help you to select the best delivery service which will suit your requirements.  

How to Choose Courier Company: 

Select a good courier service for our e-commerce business is one of the valuable and toughest decisions that website owner have to make while starting a business. And the sad truth in this situation there is no one who fits all solutions for this problem. 

Every courier company’s delivery rate and budget are different. so what we will do in this complicated situation? Don’t worry I have one suggestion, will get solution by getting a little trick, in most cases the hit and trial method is the best way to get the right courier service. also, some knowledge about this field can also make it easy for you to choose logistics service.  

Here is a list of Best 15 Courier Service for E-Commerce

  1. India Post Service

India Post courier Service

I know you shock to see this but its true India Post Service one of the most reliable e-commerce delivery service in India. they provide fast and on time service across India. Even in terms of rates and cost, they are very affordable logistics service in India 

To know more about Shiprocket log on to

Services     Ratings
Pickup facility Beyond Average
Rates Rs. 30 to 90/ 500 gms depending on the location
Deliverable Area Covers the most area among its competitors
Service Extremely Satisfactory
Tracking Shipment Extremely Accurate
  1. FedEx Courier Service

Fedex courier service

Here is one more good courier service and that is FedEx, FedEx has an excellent delivery service record with fairly competitive prices. 

To know more about FedEx log on to

Services Ratings
Coverage Area 06-Oct
Shipping Rates 32-72/kg or 70-24/kg depending on the serviceable area
COD Yes, around Rs 250 on waybill amount
Tracking 07-Oct
International Facilities Yes
Integration with Shiprocket Yes
  1. First Flight

first flight courier service

First Flight Leading Courier Service in India who offer fast and day to day delivery on affordable rates.  

To know more about First Flight log on to

Services      Ratings
Coverage Area 4500 pin codes all over India
Shipping Rates Rs. 35/ 500 gms
COD  Yes
Tracking Yes
International Facilities No
Integration with Shiprocket Yes
  1. DTDC

dtdc courier service

DTDC Courier Service providing its services since the year 1990. They currently have a network of over 10,000 pin codes spread all over the country. 

To know more about DTDC log on to

Services Ratings
Pickup facility Average
Rates Slightly costly
COD Above Average
Deliverable Area 10,000 pin code coverage in India
Quality of Service   Average


aramex courier service

Aramex the leading and well-known name in the courier service industry. They manage their reputation with time to time delivery and friendly service feature.

To know more about Aramex log on to

Service Ratings
Pin codes 2872
Pickup facility Average
Rates Rs. 60/500 gms, 6/10
COD Below average
Deliverable Area 10,000 pin code coverage in India
Quality of Service 04-Oct
  1. Blue Dart

blue dart courier service

Service    Ratings
Shipping Rates(international) Rs. 55-75 per 500 gms depending on the area
Pick up Facility 07-Oct
COD Rs. 80 per 500 gms or 3% of the cost whichever is higher
Tracking 08-Oct
Service 08-Oct
Deliverable Area Yes

To know more about Blue Dart log on to

  1. DHL

dhl courier service

Service     Ratings
Shipping Rates(international) Rs. 600/500 gms
Tracking Yes
International Courier Facility Yes
Integration with Shiprocket Yes

To know more about DHL log on to

  1. On Dot Courier & Cargo Ltd

To know more about On Dot Courier log on to

  1. eCOM Express Courier Service
Services Ratings
Serviceable pin codes in India 1500
Shipping Rates Begin with Rs. 22 per 500 gms
COD  Yes
Tracking Yes
International Shipping Facility No
Integration with Shiprocket Coming soon

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  1. TNT Express –
  2. Gati Limited –
  3. Delhivery Courier –
  4. The Professional Courier –
  5. United Parcel Service (UPS) –
  6. Globe Express Service –
  7. Express Courier Services
  8. eCourierz –
  9. Ship Rocket –
  10. Tej Post Courier –

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